Friday, December 27, 2013

Meditation for 12/27/13

Shrimp boat with Savannah GA in the background

“Betrayal is a reflection of another’s sickness, not an indicator of my own value.”  - Anon

“It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.”  - William Blake

     Betrayal, or a deliberate breaking of a trust, is a difficult thing to deal with.  Most dangerous about it is the tendency for us to fall into a victim mentality – a horridly poisonous frame of mind.  If we slip into this mentality we make ourselves a victim over and over, obsessed with resentment and lusting for revenge.  We will justify many harmful attitudes and actions because of this self-proclaimed status of victimhood.  However, most times when we feel betrayed we have made selfish decisions that put us in a compromised position.  We thirsted for a get rich quick scheme and got taken.  We married for money or appearance knowing that the individual was vain and then were offended when they acted vainly.  We were too dependent upon someone and they suddenly died or moved away.  What part did we play in the drama? 

     If we learn nothing from the situation then not only was it all for naught we will probably put ourselves back in the same position again.  How can we diffuse the anger?  We have a role in everything in our lives – what should we have done different?  What specifically were the actions that we felt betrayed by?  Do we need to make changes to avoid a repeat performance?  Do we want to make amends for our part in it so that we can put it behind us?  Can we realize that others are doing the best they can with what they have, and feel compassion that they do not have the tools available to live life without being driven by their own fears?  We are much better off accepting responsibility than placing blame – it is not about them, it is about us.  We must forgive – and there is always a way.  Then we need closure and to move on.   We have the choice to use these events in life to become bitter or better; they are some of the best opportunities for us to grow and set a good example of proper behavior.   Life is short – choose wisely.

Today, may I let go of negativity.  D.Emch

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