Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Need love? Meditation for 1/29/14

Haig Point; Daufuskie Island SC

“Do I see myself in others, letting their concerns be mine?”  Muni Natarajan

“Do I live in a love that sees no separation, a love in which there is love and consideration for all . .?  -  Muni Natarajan

“To love another is to see yourself in them.”  -  Eckhart Tolle

     ♫ “I wanna know what love is…” goes the refrain to a song that was popular a few years back.  The reality is that the vast majority of us not only have no clue what love is, we are incapable of it since we have not done the work on ourselves necessary to develop the capacity to love in the first place.  Since the only reference point on life we have is our self, only to the degree that we come to understand and find harmony within ourselves can we come to recognize and find harmony with others.  All we can see in others is mirrors of what we see in ourselves – thus, if all we can see in our self is chaos, resentment, fear, avarice and other primitive traits it stands to reason that this is what we will see in others.  To the precise degree that we have separated from our thinking mind and come to know it through observation are we able to see that others are exactly the same as us.  Once we have done the work to be able to see what is driving us we recognize it immediately in others.  And only to the extent we have come to grips with our own humanity and become fond or ourselves (warts and all) are we able allow others to be human (warts and all) and become fond of them.

     “Charity starts at home” is an old phrase that is often misunderstood and misused.  Charity means love – not giving trinkets.  And “at home” refers to our self, right here and right now.  Loving ourselves is an ongoing decision that must be made, and consequently the ability to love others comes and goes with our commitment to our own spiritual growth and serenity.
    The song referenced goes on to say ♪ “I want you to show me…”  The reality is that if we want to know what love is, we need to first figure out who we are and come to love the “self” that we will spend the rest of this life with.  Yes, love starts at home, and it starts with the determination to improve our self-awareness.  Anything else is just chasing another illusion, seeking a distraction from the work we are here to do.

Today, may I follow the path.  

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