Thursday, February 13, 2014

Does anybody really know what time it is? Meditation for 2/13/2014

"Now" clock in Bluffton SC

“Forever is composed of nows.”  -  Emily Dickenson

“Now is eternity.  Eternity is now.”  - Deepak Chopra 

   A portal is defined as a point or means of entrance; a gateway.  When it comes to things spiritual, I am convinced there is but one portal to any of the dimensions that lie above us.  That opening – the only gateway available is now.  Now as in this current instant of time.   If we want to be able to get a glimpse of anything beyond this, we must do the work to deprive our ego of the means to keep us in the past – we rid ourselves of anger, grudges, guilt and shame.  We then do the work to keep our ego out of the future – we address our fears and our tendency to project.  As we rid ourselves of these annoyances we start to live in the present moment.  But then we find that in the current moment our ego wants to attach and judge and thus still keeps us from being fully present.  It labels this and that as good or bad, wants us to like or dislike one thing after another and launches into thought processes that still distract us from being fully aware.  But as we work to start living in our spirit and distancing ourselves from this babbling we begin to become present in the moment.  Now what?

     Being – awareness, consciousness, connectedness – this is the essence of life.  The more fully present we become the more intensely we become aware of the essence of all that is around and within us.  Where we used to have a hunch now and then we come to live in intuition and inspiration.  We see meaningful coincidences that exceed the bounds of coincidence time after time – in fact we can become so used to them that they begin to seem “normal.”  Of course our thinking mind constantly tries to creep in and pull us out of this zone, but with a bit of maintenance we know deep joy and serenity that we did not think possible.  We find ourselves of great use to our fellows and our life takes on a complete new meaning.  A whole new world awaits us – and it awaits us now.  What a phenomenal classroom this world is – the ultimate “on the job training.”  And the only time we need to fully experience it is now.

Today, may I be as fully present as I am capable of.  D.Emch

Have an awesome Thursday !!


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