Monday, February 17, 2014

Need direction? Meditation for 2/18/2014

If you don't believe, pray in disbelief, but pray earnestly.  Belief will come along with the results.  -  Anon

Insanity 101: Repeating the same action over and over and expecting a different result.  Insanity 201: Knowing what works and refusing to do it.  -  Chris Crolley

     There are those of us who refuse to try prayer because we secretly fear it will work, thus "proving" our deepest fear - that our "self" is inadequate.  Of course this is hidden deeply beneath an air of prideful arrogance.  There are those of us who refuse to pray because we think that whatever God there is must be far too distant and "above" us for our prayers to be meaningful.  There are those of us who pray as though it were some ceremony, trying to impress whatever ears the prayer may fall on with displays of "holiness"  and obeisance.  And even for those that have genuinely tried and made connection with the "Spirit of the Universe," there come times of disillusionment and rebellion, when praying is the last thing we want to do.

     Luckily, experience shows that the spirit never makes difficult terms with those that genuinely try to seek connection - regardless of past errors and missteps.  Praying simply for direction is the one prayer that always works.  Sometimes the direction we are given may not appear like the best course, but if we could see the correct course in the first place we wouldn't need direction.  Regardless of where we are at in our life, the simple and earnest plea for guidance will help us improve our situation.  The only way we can fail at it is to refuse to try in the first place.

Today, may I do what works.

Have a great Tuesday !!

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