Monday, March 31, 2014

Death of self Meditation for 4/1/14

Savannah GA

“When we do not fully honor this current moment we engage in drama.”  - Eckhart Tolle

“One is not prepared to live until one is prepared to die.”  - L. R. E. Montgomery

     The prospect of death brings the realities of life into focus with brutal simplicity.  What will we take with us?  What will we leave behind?  Will any of it have any value?  This begs the question: Must our demise be imminent in order to “get real?”  Can we “be prepared to die” so that we can “be prepared to live” without having to go through the trauma of being at death’s door?  The answer lies in understanding who “we” actually are.

    First we must realize that the identity the ego imposes with its drama of resentments of the past, judgments and desires in the present and fears of the future is a self imposed delusion.  Our mind wants to convince us that this is who we are, and works full time at maintaining this as our identity.  And drama is absolutely necessary if our ego is to assert itself as our identity.    We can only be fully alive those moments that our ego is “dead” and we dwell within the intuition of our spirit.   We do not have to wait to be at the door of our physical death to arrive at this.

     We all glimpse this now and then when something remarkable happens – perhaps a beautiful sunset or a moment we accidently fall “into the zone.”  But the ego is remarkably cunning and persistent.  It finds many ways to creep back in regardless of how hard we try to be rid of it.  We cannot be rid of it without help, and if we earnestly seek it the help comes.  We begin to have longer and deeper glimpses of that zone of connection with all that surrounds us.  We come to realize our life is much more meaningful without the bondage that arises out of this fantasy “self.”  We become prepared to be rid of this “self” – to let it die and live in freedom in the spirit.  “We” become fully ready to die, and thus are finally able to live.  And ultimately, if we truly mature, we come to realize that this “self” within is doing the best it can with what it has, and we finally make peace with ourselves.  And at this point, and only at this point, the creation of drama is no longer necessary or desired and we start to live in reality. 

Today, may I be “real.”

Have a great Tuesday !!

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