Thursday, March 6, 2014

Think you are courageous? Meditation for 03/07/2014

Bull Island; SC

Greatness is when an old man plants trees knowing he will never sit in their shade.”  -  Greek Proverb

“The moment you have God figured out and defined, you are no longer dealing with God.”  -  Rick Bell

     Contrary to what it would seem on the surface, living a life of trust and faith takes much more courage than living a life under one’s own self-propulsion.  To the casual observer, it would seem like one who follows an intuitive spiritual path is a bit naïve – after all they say things like “everything is as it should be” or “there is a reason for everything.”  From the outside it looks like a cocoon of denial meant to insulate one from the chaos and harshness that exists in the world.

     But to walk the spiritual path one must constantly set aside their best thinking and follow the intuitive voice.  Very often this path does not seem to make sense at the time.  Often the path seems to make sense initially but when trials come along fears and doubt creep in.  When we walk the spiritual path we have to remain transparent and be accountable for our words and our actions which can be quite uncomfortable when we have to atone to others for errors we have made.  If we are going to remain on the path we must avoid recognition – we must remain humble and avoid the development of false pride as the result of accolades for things we accomplished because of the guidance we received. 

     But perhaps one of the hardest is to accept the fact that we will be called on to do things which we will never see the outcome of – indeed sometimes we will never even understand the reason we were called to do them.   Our actions cause waves that travel over the horizons of time, and ultimately impact the shores of places we will never be able to see or visit.  It can be from the simplest thing – from the bottle cap lying as litter that we pick up and as a result is not swallowed by a turtle, who would have died from having tried to ingest it.  It might be the fruit trees we plant that will be barren until some years after we are dead and gone.  It might be the moments we take to help show a child how to be loving and respectful, and as a result later turns into a better parent.  It might be those that we help that are too self-centered right now to appreciate the service we are doing them, but years from now our actions will provide a valuable lesson that they draw on.  The list can go on and on, but what we do does make a difference – far beyond our limited vision.  And we need not forget that our freedom, our serenity, our peace of mind and our self-worth are more than compensation enough for continuing to do the next right thing.

Today, may I be steadfast.

Happy Friday !!

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