Friday, March 28, 2014

Want to be effective? Meditation for 3/28/14

Savannah GA

“Just do the next right thing, and do the next thing right.”    Unknown

“If initiative is the ability to do the right thing, then efficiency is the ability to do the thing right.”  -  Kelly Miller

     Significant change in our lives does not come about without significant changes in our actions, attitudes and thinking.  Living a hollow and purposeless life is wearisome, and we crave for something different.  We also battle constant changes in the environment around us.  How can we effect significant change when we are aimlessly wandering through life, seeming to continually be tossed about by random and hostile waves?

     We cannot change the direction of the wind, but we can change the angle of our sails. It starts simply.  In the morning we take the initiative to ask direction as to what the next right thing to do is and ask for the power to get it done.  We aspire not only to do the next right thing, but also the next thing right.  We quit reacting to situations and start responding.  We stay alert and aware of the opportunities around us to enhance the lives of others.  We err on the side of compassion and are gentle with ourselves and others. We make our decisions with our hands and feet.  At the end of the day we review it and see where we could have done better.  Then we let it go.  Done on a regular basis for any significant period of time, everything around us changes.  Because we have changed the way we look at things the things we look at will have changed before our eyes.  In this manner we become effective, efficient, desirable and content.  Just today, one moment at a time.

Today, may I seek purity and simplicity in each moment.  

Happy Friday !!

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