Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How important is it? Meditation for 4/23/14

Sewee Bay; SC

“How important is it?”  -  Anon

“Don’t sweat the small stuff.  And by the way, it’s all small stuff.”  - Richard Carlson

     There are no shortage of things to get worked up about.  Mechanical things quit working.  We find places are not what they were made out to be, or we tire of them.  People disappoint us, do dumb things, break their word, play games with our emotions – shoot, we disappoint ourselves.  Maybe we fall into the “patience” trap for a while.  We tell ourselves that things will change, we just need to hang in there and “endure” them for a while.  Meanwhile our life slips by as we live like the proverbial donkey chasing a carrot of happiness – we trudge along sure that salvation awaits us at some point in the future.  We go to great lengths to convince ourselves that we will be whole and complete when _________ - fill in the blank. 

     Other times our fear that things will never change expresses itself in anger and we either lash out at others or isolate and poison ourselves with negative thoughts and emotions.  Or, maybe we are so spiritually immature that we require the embers of anger within to motivate us to move forward with life.  Whatever the case, this “patience” thing ultimately becomes a trap that consumes us – we become disillusioned because so few of the things we are being “patient” about come to pass in a manner that satisfies us.

     Acceptance of “what is” is the only path to peace and serenity.  Early on this path comes the unpalatable realization that if we are disturbed the problem lies within us – nothing has the power to upset us but ourselves.  Finding out that we cannot change others is also a difficult thing to come to grips with – after all we figure we have all sorts of power to “win friends and influence people.”   Further along, we find out that what other people think is none of our business – in fact it is irrelevant as to what we are supposed to be doing.  Even worse comes the realization that what WE think is irrelevant to what we are supposed to be doing.  And perhaps the toughest one of all is when we come to realize that almost everything we have ever done in our lives has been a reaction to one fear or another – almost nothing we have done has been rooted in love and faith.

     This is the way to peace – the way to acceptance.  And we can only do it by letting go of one thing at a time.  Ultimately we come to find that none of it is all that important in the big scheme of things – in fact nothing really matters besides building that intuitive contact with God as we understand God.  But with our limited vision today – just for today, we can let go of our need to control and know that all is well and as it should be.

Today, may I let go.

Have a great Wednesday !!

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