Thursday, April 24, 2014

Think you are independent? Meditation for 4/25/14

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“No man is an island.”  - Thomas Merton

“In learning you will teach; in teaching you will learn.”  -  Phil Collins 

   “You are not the boss of me.”  How hard so many of us fight accountability.  In fact, many of our relationships are but thinly disguised competitions for “control.”  We either try to dominate the other party, or that failing, we become dependent upon them.  This is not an easy thing to see when we first start looking at ourselves, but if we take an honest look, in how many of our close relationships are we content to just “let the other person be” and love them for who they are?

     In those relationships where we have subconsciously dependent, we might well rebel consciously against the other person’s “power” over us.  In relationships where we have asserted ourselves on another, we might delude ourselves into taking credit for their successes and blame for their failures.  Both ends of the spectrum are unhealthy. 

     But only a fool seeks his own counsel.  Left to our own devices, most of us will get ourselves well off the path and either isolating or becoming grandiose with false pride.  Even without these extremes, we all fall into periods of procrastination.  Other times when we become so judgmental of others that we cost ourselves opportunities.  Still others we stop taking care of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually and begin to decay. 

     To some degree we all fight the notion of someone else having “control” over our lives.  The last thing we want is to have to be accountable to someone.  But if we are to progress to our potential we must do it.  And if we must do it, why not do it by choice and pick someone whom we trust to guide and mentor us?  A wise decision and the continued commitment to make ourselves accountable in the proper manner will pay dividends in all areas of our lives.  And ultimately it will lead us to something even more rewarding – we will end up being a mentor for those that come along behind us.

Today, may I commit to being teachable. 

Happy Friday!!

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