Monday, May 19, 2014

Are you good for nothing? Meditation for 5/20/14

Bull Bay; SC

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“Be good for nothing.”  -  Chip Lingle  (Minister in Savannah GA.)

“Who you are has much more impact than what you say.”  -  Anon

     As we mature on the spiritual path, we learn to make peace with our past and all those we have interacted with, thus freeing ourselves from the weight of guilt that can so easily drag us down.  We come to recognize who and what we are and make peace with our own humanity which frees us from all of the shames that can plague us.  We come to know trust in the intuitive voice of the spirit, and thus stop dwelling on anxieties about the future.  Our focus shifts to living in the present moment and increasing our awareness not just of our life and the experiences that it offers, but also we have a great desire to hear that intuitive voice better. 

     We come to realize that the intuitive voice is always there, it is we that block ourselves from it.  And thus we realize that judgments and desires distract and hinder us from realizing our maximum effectiveness.  Often this distraction is in the form of the self-dialogue that runs on and on between our ears – other times it is a yearning for something we are convinced will make us feel good.   We might even realize that it is rigid beliefs that cause us to be judgmental and it is our fear of inadequacy and abandonment that makes us crave more than what we need.  But we still often find ourselves “stuck” – distracted and unable to stop the mental dialogue that robs us of the deep awareness that brings richness to the life experience.

     There is a fix that works, and it is called service.  When we find ways to be of service to our fellows – when we do for them what they cannot do for themselves without expectation of acknowledgment – something happens within us.  We create a momentary opening in our curtain of selfishness and get to see life and the world much more clearly for a little while.  We feel some self-worth, our judgmentalism and our cravings are pushed aside for a little while, and we receive glimpses of deeper insights and wisdom.

     But, if we have an agenda that is tied to our “giving” the whole thing is short-circuited.  Our mind begins to fixate on how well we have done the service and how much recognition is appropriate.  When we do receive recognition we want more the next time and when we do not receive it we feel slighted.  This is the reason for “anonymous” service – service without these expectations of reward are the only type that pay deep spiritual dividends.  So try being “good for nothing” today.  You might just love it.

Today, may I be genuine.
Happy Tuesday !!

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