Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Are you a sinner? Meditation for 5/28

Gray Bay; SC

"All sins are attempts to fill voids."  Simone Weil

Sin definition - "To miss the mark."  - origin is archery. (Greek)

     Many of us grew up in environments that taught spirituality was a list of rules that we had to follow.  There were harsh punishments if we didn't - after we died we would cook in "fire and brimstone" for all of eternity.  Some of us were told that to acknowledge the human desires that awaken during puberty was a "sin."  Using certain words or expressions, questioning authority, not cleaning up our dinner plate - it can get downright ridiculous.  This created in many of us the tendency to be ashamed of our birthright - the very fact that we are human.  It gets worse.  Some of us were even told that it was a sin that we were born.  This created a black and white thinking in many of us that isn't realistic or healthy.  We grow into adulthood ashamed of who we are - and for most we never can put our finger on it.  We live our life trying to live up to some elusive and imaginary standard that isn't realistic.

     If the word "sin" means to miss the mark, then we must ask ourselves - what is the mark we are aiming for?  Can it be anything besides being immersed in the present moment and fully attuned to and following the will of the spirit that would guide us?  If this is the mark, then there has never been a human that has not "sinned" numerous times every day.  Matter of fact, every hour.  But the reality is that the closer we come to hitting this mark the more peace, joy, serenity, connectedness, love - the more of all of the greatest attributes of humanity we feel and know.

     So, can the first quote be true - can it be that every time we mentally stray from being fully immersed in this moment and completely engaged in what we are supposed to be doing that we are filling a void?   I am not sure that I would draw that line of reasoning out that far.  Sometimes there is something very spiritual about a sandwich and a nap.  But most times when I get out of the present I am either beating myself up for something I did, being anxious about something that may or may not happen, passing judgment on someone else or giving in to some desire that I know is probably not the best thing for me.  But one thing I know for sure.  No matter how long or how far we stray, the spirit never makes harsh terms with us when we work to get reconnected.  And the further we travel the spiritual path the more we see the sense of following it.  Yes, the path narrows as we travel, but the vistas improve as we climb. But the reality that we must remember is that the spirit is far more forgiving of us than we ever are of ourselves.  So let's not waste much time on guilt and shame.  When we err, we make it right as best we can and get back on the path.  Otherwise, our life will be spent trying to convince ourselves and others that we are "godly" rather than doing the work that we are here to do.

Today, may I be realistic. 

All have a great Wednesday

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