Thursday, May 22, 2014

Life too complicated? Meditation for 5/23/14

“There is a majesty in simplicity far above all the quaintness of wit.”  - Alexander Pope

“A smile increases your face value.”  - Unknown    

     Using simplicity and harmony as our guide-posts when we are not spiritually connected through intuition has many benefits.  One of the things we seem naturally to do after we have lived this way for a while is to begin to accept most things at face value.  When someone gives us a gift out of the blue, we graciously accept the gift without having to wonder and analyze what their ulterior motive is.  When it rains on the day of our party we appreciate the fact that moving it indoors enhanced the closeness of the participants rather than stressing over the change of plans.  When someone who is typically negative says something nice, we appreciate that they are displaying an improved demeanor without speculating about how soon they will lapse back into negativity. 

     Accepting things at face value can be criticized as being naïve – that we are too “simple.”  Well, that happens to be one of the benefits of living a spiritual life.  We look for the commonalities we have with others, we look for the good in situations, we encourage others when they make improvements, regardless of how minor they seem.  And to those that would criticize us for our simple-mindedness?  Well, they may never comprehend the functional difference between bridges and walls, regardless of how hard we try.  We just reap the rewards of giving things the benefit of the doubt, and are enhanced by the additional blessings that each new bridge brings into our lives.

Today, may I be appreciative.

Happy Friday!! 

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