Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What are you supposed to be doing? Meditation for 8/7/14

Calabash NC

“Greatness is not a function of circumstance. largely a conscious choice.”  - Jim Collins

“You can accomplish anything in life, provided you do not mind who gets the credit.”  - Harry Truman

     We reach crossroads in life where we make decisions about what roads we are going to travel down.  It is all too easy when we are at these junctures to look about for an easy direction or two and make a hasty choice.  Perhaps we have no idea how to go about finding a good way to identify a direction.  Perhaps we are just lazy or cave in to peer -pressure.  Regardless, soon we have traveled a distance down a road and passed a point of no return.  There is a logical way to go about identifying what we are working with and potential areas that will not only fit us but also allow us to make a difference. 

          In Jim Collin’s book, “Good to Great,” he discusses a technique that helps find a zone of focus that can lead to excellence in business.  It speaks of drawing three circles, one representing passions, one talents and the third areas of profitability.    If we change the third circle to represent where there is the most need in our community or society that we can identify with, we have the basis of a good tool to find our personal “zone of potential excellence.”  Once the three circles are filled in, the idea is to “overlap” the three circles.  The resulting region then shows where our talents and motivations meet how we can be of maximum use.   Although this does not point out a specific plan of action, it will show a couple of specific areas where we have the best opportunity to pursue excellence.  Perhaps this is a tool that we can use to break the cycle of reacting to our circumstances and begin moving forward on paths better suited to our specific makeup.  And, even if we end up choosing what we were going to choose to start with, we have much less chance of regret knowing that we reviewed our options and made a conscious and informed choice.

Today, may I make myself aware of my options.

Have a great Thursday !!

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