Monday, January 12, 2015

So, are you doing it?

Fort Clinch; GA

“My New Year’s resolution was to lose weight, and so far I have only lost the desire to lose weight.”  -  Anon

“I never had a New Year’s resolution as I act in the moment and do not depend upon future possibilities.”  -  Dominic Ricitello

     Early this morning, as I walked past a health spa sporting rows of idle fitness machines, I couldn’t help but think about all those New Year’s resolutions folks make.  Here it is two weeks into January – I wonder how many of those resolutions are still in effect?  5%?  Less?

     I am not much of a “New Year’s Resolution” guy anymore.  I used to make a bunch of them.  A few I accomplished, the vast majority I didn’t.  That isn’t to say that I have not made meaningful changes in my life, it is just that the most important changes I have made have come about over time, one day at a time.

     I guess in that regard I have become some manner of a “resolution kind of guy.”  And the only resolutions that seem to stick are the ones I make today.  The first thing I have to resolve each day is if I am going to follow the intuitive voice – am I going to be a servant today or am I going to run my own agenda?  A quick reminder of my track record following each path usually serves to steer me toward the spiritual path.  Next, I review my list of things I thought I was going to do today, and consider what new ideas that I have.  Then I resolve that I am going to sit them aside and ask in prayer what I am supposed to be doing.

     Quiet time usually brings the answer I seek.  So I know what direction to start my day in, and now can resolve that today – just today – I am going to maintain some integrity in my affairs.  I am not going to deceive folks, I am not going to pretend to be more than I am, I am going to actively look for opportunities to be of service to others – and so it goes.

     Over time, this method of course correction has led me down entirely different paths than I would have followed if I had relied on my own devices.  This approach to resolutions has another benefit too.  I don’t have to keep these resolutions for a “whole year,” I just have to keep them today.  Tonight I can look back and see how they worked out, and make my mind up again tomorrow as to what path I will take.

     What are my resolutions?  One thing this has made me realize is that I always can tell you exactly what I am doing with my life these days.  I know what I am doing with my life because it is precisely what I am doing right now – today.  So, for today, I resolve to only make resolutions for today.  And if it works again today, I will probably do it again tomorrow.

Today, may I be consistent.

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