Friday, January 16, 2015

Think brainwashing is uncommon?

Amelia Island; Florida

“A person tends to believe whatever is repeated over and over, whether it is true or not.” – Nikki Sex

“If you can convince people that freedom is injustice, they will then believe that slavery is freedom.”  -  Stefan Molyneux

    I became friends with a fellow I met a few days ago who put me up for the night.  He had a long drive back to South Carolina the next day, so we got up early.  He asked me if I wanted to stop by his mother’s house as we were leaving, to which I agreed.

     It was early – before first light when we arrived at her house.  We sat in her kitchen and talked with her a while, and she insisted on packing me a lunch for the road.  She had made pulled pork, and busied herself making me a few sandwiches, packing a bag of chips and M&M’s and other assorted things.  All around her kitchen were little signs and pictures – most of the nature of “Jesus loves you” and other positive messages.  In the corner of the kitchen, a television droned on with one of those 24 hour news channels touting the catastrophes of the day.

     Her son had told me how all his life he had witnessed his mother going out of her way for strangers.  When someone moved into the neighborhood or a new business opened, she was right there with cookies or cake or other goodies she had baked for them.  She is constantly visiting those that are sick and will go up to strangers in public and give them encouraging words when she feels the spirit move her to.  As she bustled about the kitchen, I could see it in her – a kind and loving woman.

     After a bit, she said to us in a conspiratorial tone – “Have you heard what is going on at Duke?  Duke is a big and important university not far from here.  They are having those prayers every day.  You know, those prayers where the Muslims all get together and bow the same direction at certain times every day?  And look at this !!”  She produced an article from the local paper that advertised a Muslim get-together.  “I just don’t know what to do – it seems like they are taking over this country !!”  She exclaimed.

     Now, I would say this woman is in her late sixties – so I reflected back briefly on her life.  She grew up in World War II, so obviously she had been taught to hate the Germans, Italians and the Japanese.  Then there was the North Koreans and the Chinese – they were a threat, and you had to hate them.  Of course there was all the turmoil in Africa – and who can trust blacks?  Then it was the Russians – the the whole “Axis of Evil” nonsense.  More recently, she is being taught to hate Persians, and now it is Muslims in general.  Given the tripe she was watching on television, I am sure that tree-hugging liberals and gays all deserved scorn, as well as select other political parties.  And don’t forget the Mexicans and South Americans– they are to be despised and cast into the ocean if they dare set foot on this continent.

     Now, if you are adding up this totals to about 90% of the world’s population – or more.  And here is this woman who I am convinced would give her last loaf of bread to a hungry stranger coerced into fearing the vast majority of her fellow man.  And she is not at all alone.  Now ask yourself- how is it possible to be led to hate 90 percent of your fellow man and not catch on that you are being gamed?

    Is it possible that the same people who taught us to hate the Russians and the Africans and the Asians and are now teaching us to hate the Muslims are also working to teach the Russians and the Africans and Asians and the Muslims to hate us?  If so, why would they?  Because they profit from it?  Because they know they can sell their advertising and their weapons of destruction only if they can get others to hate each other? 
    The point is this.  If we want to live decent and loving lives, we have to be very careful about what we allow into our homes and into our minds.  If we allow poison into our lives, it is going to affect us negatively – one way or another. 

     The icing on the cake for this visit was the commentator who had been marched out as an “expert” on the recent situation in France.  There had been a killing at a publishing house, and this “expert” was a guy I recognized.  The last time I saw him he was bragging about how he got OJ Simpson off of a murder rap.  And here he was – lecturing how the French people had brought it on themselves because they had been kind to Muslims.  It was the French people’s own fault that they were attacked – if they were only more hostile they would be safe.  Hatred and hostility are the only path to peace was his message.

     As I left, there were no words of encouragement that came to mind to share with the woman – I could only hug her and thank her sincerely for the food and her hospitality.  I looked in her eyes, and just knew that if I was a black gay starving Muslim that landed on her front porch she would feed and bathe me.   

Today, may I avoid being gullible.

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David Emch

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