Tuesday, September 1, 2015

So, how's your head feel?

Fort King George; Darien Georgia

We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us.  -  Ken Levine

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. – Albert Einstein

     I recently decided to upgrade to the new version of Windows, and as always happen I faced a few problems.  So when I met a computer guy I was keen to hear what he had to say about it.   My “issues” turned out to be divided between reluctance to change old habits and learning to file a few things differently, so the adjustments are minor.  Later, I asked the programmer what the difference is between a top flite programmer and a run of the mill guy.  His answer gave me pause.

     He said that when the average person is working on a computer and they hit a wall, they back up and keep hitting the wall – harder.  It usually results in anger and the person gives up on what they were trying to do.  But someone who knows a bit about programming will often force a solution.  And, he said, forcing solutions always bring unintended consequences.

     He continued by saying that as soon as a good programmer hits a wall, they step back and reassess.  He stressed the first time – they do not repeatedly bang into the same barrier.  There are always a number of approaches, and they weigh the potential “side effects” of each idea.  Then they proceed in a new direction.  That doesn’t mean they won’t hit another wall – it simply means they don’t keep hitting the same one. 

     This spoke to me directly about how it is to follow the spiritual path when I am blocked.  Of course computer code is a two dimensional thing and we live in four dimension – a much more complex arrangement.  A given computer code will give the same outcome today as it did ten years ago and a thousand years in the future.  But throw in the third and fourth dimensions and just the timing of things can dramatically alter outcomes.  However, in spite of the infinitely increased complexity, we have an advantage.  We can choose to work to connect with God who gives us guidance through the maze.

     But for me, those times inevitably come when I am “living in my head” and cannot clearly hear the intuitive voice.  I don’t always have the luxury to just sit and wait to get back in alignment: choosing to “do nothing” brings its own set of consequences.  In these times I feel like I am groping along in the dark.  I still get some guidance - even in this reduced state of awareness I know the “next wrong thing to do.” But knowing “the next right thing” is elusive.  I can reach out to other spiritually connected people and sometimes my answer comes.   But when it doesn’t I am left with trial and error - very inefficient tools when it comes to learning and doing. 

      So I hit walls.  When I realize I have hit one, I also realize I cannot see above, below or around it.  In fact I usually can’t even look backward and see where I came from.  It is surprising how hard it is to remember to back off, pause, consider the bigger picture and ask for guidance.  Instead I get stubborn and try to force solutions. I bang on that wall, I get frustrated and ultimately I end up in anger or self-pity.  And then I go back and hit that same wall again.  There have been times in my life I have hit the same wall repeatedly – for decades.

     But every once in a while I remember to pause and reflect.  Sometimes I choose to walk away and try something completely different.  Sometimes I try a different approach – which sometimes is effective and sometimes leads me to a new wall.  But sometimes creating the gap in my thinking brings me an intuitive notion that carries me back onto the spiritual path – where there are no walls. 

     What does this all mean?  It doesn’t mean I am not going to hit more walls in life, it just means I am minimizing the number of walls I hit more than once.  It means I am working to connect more deeply with the source so I can operate in spaces there are no walls.  And I have finally figured out that life is a good bit easier without all those bruises on my forehead.

Today, may I connect

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