Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tired of feeling like a yo-yo? Meditation for 1/24/14

Great Egret on a shell bank at Daufuskie Island

"Spirituality has a shelf life."  -  Anon

"When improving your conscious contact with God stops being a means to an end and becomes the end, your "problems" begin to dissipate."  -  Anon

     Being prayerful, clearing the mind and being meditative, actively engaging in self-examination and spending time in the presence of people who are determined to improve themselves provides what William Wilson referred to as an “unshakable foundation for life."  It takes time and effort to stay in the present moment and maintain enough purity of spirit to be immersed, aware and engaged.  It is a good bit easier to do this when we are facing some difficulty, but when we have detached from our difficulty and “good times” have returned it often takes the back burner.  Prayers become rote, we start crediting ourselves with things we had no control over and the next thing we know we are back in the muck – holding grudges, worrying about tomorrow and keeping score on what everyone else is doing.  Our serenity slips away and the next thing we know we are knee-deep in “problems” again.  When the pain gets bad enough, we return to what we know works and then start the cycle all over again.

    Seeking intuitive connection through our spirit works – and anyone who has honestly tried it knows it works.  But our ego re-asserts itself, we get lazy and we let off on the plan of spiritual action.  Why would we do this and bog ourselves down in an endless cycle of bouncing back and forth between harmony and chaos?

     We have to ask ourselves, what is the true purpose of our working to develop and maintain our spiritual condition?  Do we view the divine as some sort of pinch hitter that we call in when calamity strikes, then dismiss when we think we can coast and gather accolades all to ourselves?   It must come down to our base motive – whether the yearning for connection with our true nature or clinging to the illusion of this life is our underlying intention.  Maybe today we can just work to maintain what spiritual progress we have made and try to enhance it to what degree we can.  Maybe we can go further and make ourselves realize that the spiritual connection will enhance any experience we have – whether we regard it as “bad” or “good.”  Maybe today we can remember what our true purpose in this life is.  And in doing so, we will make today a good bit better for ourselves and all we come into contact with.

Today, may I be faithful.

Cans in the pantry of an abandoned hotel demonstrate shelf life.

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