Thursday, March 13, 2014

Got a secret? Meditation for 3.14.14

Bray's Island; SC

“Lies and secrets – they are like cancer to the soul.  They eat away what is good and leave only destruction behind.”  -  Cassandra Clare

“All secrets are lies.”   L.R.E. Montgomery

     When we have information that we feel we must conceal from others, invariably we find ourselves manipulating situations, deflecting attention, telling half truths and in general putting out a lot of negative effort into “keep a secret.”   What a horrid form of bondage to subject ourselves to – by its very nature we have to keep that fact a secret too!!  And, what of these secrets?  Who among us has the combination to the safe at Fort Knox?  I am not so unique – there is no flaw or failing or error that I or my family have that millions before and millions to come don’t share.

    If we want to be truly free in life, we must be transparent to our fellows.  If our occupation requires otherwise, we will have to make the choice – consciously or by default – that we are going to live a lie.  Because living a lie to any degree creeps into other areas.  Our mistruths and hidden agendas eventually penetrate every corner of our life, leaving nothing but a husk devoid of real substance.  This eventually robs us of any ability we have to accomplish spiritually what we are capable of. 

     Even worse, we impose “secrets” on others, thus drawing them into our sickness by letting them think they are getting “exclusive information.”   This is not to say that everything we know should be broadcast about to everyone. But even in the case of our deepest and darkest secrets, it pays us huge dividends to share them with at least one trusted and emotionally health confidant and attempt to make amends for any wrong we have done.  In doing so, we will learn to avoid cosigning other people’s nonsense; it is entirely proper to refuse to carry around other’s gossip, protect their false pride or harbor any of their emotional sickness within ourselves.  Remember that the truth fears no inquiry or question – and that is a freedom that can only be earned through proper living.

Today, may I remember that secrets are just lies disguised.

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