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Know how to love yourself? 03/24/14

Ft. Pulaski; GA

“My ego is not my amigo.  It is out to kill me.”  -  Anon

“Love holds no expectation on who you will be, it simply honors who you are.”  -  E’yen Gardner

     One of most difficult and rarest things for people to accomplish in this life is to truly learn to differentiate between their spirit and their ego.  Many use drugs and alcohol to avoid the issue, many more busy themselves trying to please others or obtain mountains of stuff that they know they cannot take with them after this life.  But there are those few that make this realization.  It usually starts with some pain in life that is so deep that a crack is formed in the self-identity of ego.  If this crack is then pried open, it is revealed to the individual that their life has been a sham – almost everything they have done has been a reaction to one anxiety or another.  But once this breakthrough is made, another barrier awaits that can be just as difficult to break through.  This is the difficulty of truly making peace with one’s self.

     It is only in learning to quiet the mind that we can learn to see our ego as it is – that part of us which desperately clings to the notion that it IS who we are, and works hard to retain its position as our identity.  But our ego has been conditioned to believe that it is who we are, and consequently it feels that its death means our death.  This is the whole thing that is discussed in religions that one must “die to themselves, be reborn” etc etc – all of the spiritual paths acknowledge that ego must die.  But ego never completely dies – it remains our constant companion until the day we die.  Thus, many religions teach one to think that this part of themselves is “evil” and must be avoided.  The result is internal conflict within the individual which forever bars them from true spiritual awakening.

     Our ego is a proper and necessary part of our makeup.  It does the best it can with the skewed templates that were installed in it while we were children and the constant negativity it is fed.  The hallmark of the beginning of true spiritual growth is when no only makes peace with this ego, but develops a kindly attitude toward it to the point that they can love it.  Since we never see other people, but rather just see mirrors of ourselves in them, if we have not isolated and come to love this part of ourselves we are incapable of fully loving anyone else.  Our choice is simple – do the work to understand and love ourselves or live in a state of conflict.  It is in this stage of spiritual awakening that we mature to a level that we can truly begin to have conscious contact with the spirit that is woven throughout all.

Today, may I learn to love myself. 

Have a great Monday !!

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