Thursday, March 20, 2014

Know the secret? Meditation for 3/21/14

Tybee Island GA with Hilton Head SC on the horizon

"We make a living by what we get.  We make a life by what we give."  -  Winston Churchill

"The earth does not belong to us.  We belong to the earth."  -  Chief Seattle

     Traveling and meeting numerous folks allows one to make many observations.  Some generalizations that can be made about people pan out a good percentage of the time.  But there is only one I have seen that pans out every time - all of the time.  People who live their life giving of themselves have contented lives and seem to be comfortable in their skin regardless of their circumstances, and people who base their life on the acquisition of more stuff are marked by a general attitude of discontent and mistrust of their fellow man.

    The ancients from all cultures have told us the same story time after time.  Giving of one's self brings one gratitude which in turn nurtures the state being called joy. They do not say happiness, they say joy.  For when one knows joy, the pursuit of happiness no longer holds much allure - one realizes that happiness is transitory and dependent upon things beyond our control.  Happiness comes and goes as clouds pass by and as the sun sets.  Joy is a permanent state in which the one who has attained it finds meaning and depth to daily existence.

    If we want to know peace and have the humility necessary to be a student of life, there is no other path besides being of service.  We each have our own talent set and capabilities, so service looks different for each of us individually. And for us as individuals, service has a different look as we mature and things around us change.  But if we look for the opportunities they abound.  Take a day or two and look closely at those who live at complete peace with themselves.  You will find the secret - and the secret begins with willingness.  

Today, may I give of myself.

Happy Friday all !!

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