Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Where is your head? Meditation for 3/20/14

"....grant me..the courage to change the things I can.."  -  Serenity Prayer

"Attitudes are contagious.  Are yours worth catching?"  -  Dennis and Wendy Mannering

     What things in life do we really have a choice about or control over?  I was given no choice about what time era I was born in or what geographic location or family type.  Nor about my sex or race or stature or eye or hair color or IQ.  In fact no one even consulted me about what my name would be - I was just informed of it along the way.  I have had no luck controlling the weather, although I am determined that one day I will participate in a rain dance just to see if I am missing something.  The tides, the earth's rotation, the sunrises or sunsets - nada.  How about other people?  I used to think I could control other people, but eventually realized that the net result of all my manipulations and deceptions fooled no one but me.  I am powerless over just about everything, as much as I would like to think otherwise.

     But being powerless does not mean being helpless.  There are some things I can control.  A huge one is my attitude - will I maintain a positive attitude that seeks to better things for the environment I exist within or will I give in to my self-centered nature and seek immediate gratification at the expense of all else?  Will I choose to immerse myself in this present moment or will I fuss and stress about events past or notions what might happen tomorrow?  Will I treat my environment including all things living around me with respect and love or will I view them as either a means to satisfy my desires or an annoyance?  Will I choose to be grateful for the opportunities that surround me or shall I choose to dwell on things I perceive as irritations?  Will I concern myself with creating a false sense of security through the acquisition of material things or will I find the value in experience?  Will I immerse myself in the fear-filled diatribes that are spoon fed me through the media or will I get out and discover the world for myself?  Will I honor the body and mind I have been given or will I abuse them in the pursuit of short term pleasures?  

     When we act in a positive manner with a helpful attitude our world responds.  But no amount of promises or proclamations will do this for us.  It only happens a moment at a time, an hour at a time, a day at a time.  In this manner we are creating our legacy this day, this moment and this day.  Today, just today, we can make it a good one.

Today, may I know courage. 
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Happy Thursday !!


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