Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Are you happy yet? Meditation for 7/17/14

Hamlin Sound; SC

“If your happiness is contingent on anything, it will always be contingent on something.”

“He who lives upon hope will die fasting.”  Benjamin Franklin

     To desire that things turn out a certain way is natural, hope may be the only thing that gets us through an otherwise intolerable situation.  Some of mankind’s greatest achievements were accomplished by people who were exhausted and frustrated, but held out that the desired result would be attained.  What else can pull the foot soldier through the horrors of war, the prisoner through the torture of confinement and isolation, the cancer patient through the poisons of chemotherapy and the drug addict through the torment of early sobriety?

     Yet hope has close cousins; expectations, feelings of entitlement and closely following these are sure to be resentments.  While it is human and sometimes a matter of survival to have hopes and desires for the future, the fact remains that all of our life it will remain the present moment.  It is in this moment that we must find contentment and serenity within ourselves, regardless of the chaos around us.  After all, if it is always NOW, what we do NOW is what we are doing with our life.

Today, may I live in gratitude rather than expectation. 

Have a great Thursday !!


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