Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wanna get lucky? Meditation for 7/25/14

Myrtle Beach SC
“Luck is where preparation, awareness and opportunity meet.”  - Anon

“I am a great believer in luck.  I find that the harder I work, the more I have of it.”   - Thomas Jefferson

     If the first quote is to be believed, then could we say that being unlucky is where procrastination and distraction conspire to have us miss opportunity?  We often hear people talking about luck, but when we talk to people who have achieved things of lasting substance in life we see the result of planning and persistence.  The key phrase here is “lasting substance.”

    There have been numerous studies about people that have been “lucky” enough to win big lottery prizes. The five year outcome?  The vast majority are miserable.  Many say they wish they had torn their ticket up.  In fact a high percentage say that they think that winning the lottery was a curse – not a blessing.  It goes to show us that we really don’t know what is good for us.  But of course our ego says that instant gratification is the only way to go.  We are constantly tempted to cut corners in the pursuit of some shiny trinket.  And when something we are working at seems to be taking a lot longer to develop than we wish, how often do we drop the ball?  How often do we allow the things we “know” we should be doing sit stagnant while we chase illusions of a quick gain?

     When we honestly look back at our lives, the things that of the most value to us today were usually those things that we were reluctant about initially.  And the things that have brought us the most pain are the things we “had to have.”  The point is that if we are looking for a legacy we need to abandon the notion of luck.  And when we start doing what our intuitive voice tells us to do we start finding those coincidental things happening in our life that other people refer to as “luck. ”   Then one day we come to realize that there aren’t any coincidences – and there isn’t any such thing as luck either.

Today, may I be prudent. 

Happy Friday !!

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