Sunday, August 3, 2014

So, what do you think of me? Meditation for 8/4/14

“Envy is as evil as arrogance.”  - Eleanor Roosevelt

“Ultimately, love is self-approval.”  - Sondra Ray

     If we have not resolved our issues of past and future (resentment, guilt, shame  and fear) it is impossible for us to become fully present in the moment.  The primary thing that blocks us is ceaseless and crippling negative judgment of others.  We are the only basis of comparison when we deal with other people.  Using this reference point we then see mirrors of what we like and dislike in ourselves in others.  So, when we have not resolved our basic issues of ego, we walk around in a world that is filled with reminders of unaddressed defects within ourselves.  No sooner do we start to get a seconds rest from our ego by becoming present in the current moment than our issues resurface and we are forced to rationalize them by either cutting down someone else or falling into self-pity about some excuse (usually victimhood mentality) as to why we are not able to “measure up” to what we suppose we are supposed to be.  In a flash we are back into the past with its regrets or self-congratulations – gone from this moment, and again back in a fantasy world we call our “life.”

    This is one problem we can make progress on even before we have fully resolved our issues.  We can begin to view others with the idea in mind that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have to work with.  If they could do better they would.  This brings a bit of empathy and compassion into the mixture.  We can stop trying to compare others outsides to our insides – and we can give up trying to figure out what other people are thinking.  Another thing we can do is realize that all of the spiritual giants come to the realization that we are all different manifestations of the same thing – I am you and you are me.  Although we have much work ahead of us if we are to realize this unity, we can at least begin working toward it.  One thing for sure – unity in its true form precludes judgmentalism. 

     Once we realize that our harsh judgments of others are rooted in ourselves, we can begin to use the occasions that we find ourselves judging people as opportunities to recognize and root out our defects.  We need to lighten our load – we are not designed to carry these tons of mental, emotional and spiritual trash around with us.  Something is going to give – and maybe, just maybe, for once we can start doing the work before things reach crisis proportions.  We do the work and we can start to live our lives rather than be nothing but a puppet yanked around by our ego.  And as a bonus, we will start to not only see ourselves in others, but begin to see a few glimpses of the divine that dwells in us all.

Today, may I do the work.

Have a great Monday!!

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