Sunday, December 21, 2014

Want something different?

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  -  Lao Tzu

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”  -  Benjamin Franklin  

  When I first started writing these meditations, I thought that at most I might have enough ideas for one or two a month or so.  It was only at the urging of a couple of folks very close to me that I even gave it a try.  Ten days from now will mark the beginning of the seventh year I have written and emailed daily meditations.  Some few of you have been with me the entire time, and many of you have started following them along the way.  I hope that I have the opportunity to write them for many years come. 

     I am sure you know I am on a journey of sorts, and although I do not know exactly what this journey will look like when it is over, I know in my heart that it is something I am supposed to do.  Perhaps as a result of this, I have been feeling moved lately to change the tone of writing in these meditations – I am feeling that they should be moved away from the abstract way I have been writing and take on more of a personal character.  I pray each morning for three things – that I be given the wisdom to know what I should do throughout the day, that I be given the strength and tools to carry out what needs done, and that I be shown the lesson in the day.  At the end of the day I reflect on what the lesson in that day was.  This is the basis of these writings.

     I took a stab at this new tone twice last week – and quite frankly it feels uncomfortable.  Although I am fairly gregarious, I am really an intensely private person.  Among other things, I do not want to come off as blowing my horn when things are going well or begging for help when things are challenging.  Some of the details of situations I get involved in should not be broadcasted out of concerns for other’s privacy, and other times there is a tight-rope to be walked.  There are other concerns, some valid but I am sure many just the projection of my own fears of failure.  But just like it is in the photo that I used with this writing – the path doesn’t become clear until AFTER we have started down it.

     But the prompting remains to bring more of the day to day circumstances that trigger these things into the light.  So, I am sure I will make my mistakes and bungle it along the way, but it will have to evolve just as everything else does.  So when they come off feeling clunky or timid or pious or anything else please bear with me a bit.  And as always, I am very open to comments, suggestions, insults . . .

     Thank you to all of those of you that have followed these over the years – I love you and your compassion sustains me.

Fondest regards


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